Tuesday, July 13, 2021

How Cystic Fibrosis Can Be Treated

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President of the Burbank, California firm Perceptive-Regulatory Consulting the Robert Gadimian is an authority in pharmaceutical research. Also the leader of Rophe Pharma, presently, Robert Gadimian is working on a patent related to novel compounds that treat cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is a hereditary illness that does not have a cure. However, there are ways to at least manage symptoms. Primarily, the disease affects the exocrine glands, causing the production of extremely thick mucus and leading to the blockage of some of the respiratory organs. Hence, one way to treat cystic fibrosis is to take medication to improve the function of these organs. These medications include antibiotics to tackle the respiratory infections that the disease may cause.

Another treatment approach is cystic fibrosis is pulmonary rehabilitation. This involves exercise, breathing techniques, nutritional advice, counseling, and education. Pulmonary rehabilitation is used to treat people with chronic respiratory diseases, and cystic fibrosis is no exception. Physical activity helps to clear the “frozen” mucus in the lungs, resulting in better breathing and, generally, better health.

Finally, there a few surgical procedures that can help in treating cystic fibrosis. They include nasal and sinus surgery, bowel surgery, lung transplant, and liver transplant.

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