Friday, April 2, 2021

Rophe Pharma’s Cost-Effective Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

An established pharmaceutical development leader, Robert Gadimian guides Perceptive Regulatory Consulting and provides client-tailored pathways toward meeting global compliance mandates. Robert Gadimian additionally helms Rophe Pharma, which has a number of innovative, patent pending products under development.

Among these is the diabetic foot ulcer treatment RPHE-3917, which combines a pair of already FDA approved products within a topical formulation. To date, only three diabetic foot ulcer treatments have been FDA approved. One is derived from cultured cells of the neonatal foreskin, while another comes from neonatal dermal fibroblasts. Both of these formulations have the drawback of being prohibitively expensive.

By contrast, RPHE-3917 is designed for ease of use and cost-effectiveness, with experimental data indicating consistently positive results. Generating a breadth of data on this formulation will enable intellectual property rights to be obtained. In addition, Rophe Pharma is working toward a patentable topical formulation for treatment of diabetic foot ulcer.

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